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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Catch up...

Between my first year of university starting and an all together hectic four months I really haven't had chance to blog about well... anything it seems.

Since my last post I've also visited Budapest (at the end of the trip I didn't finish documenting) and spent a weekend in Amsterdam at the beginning of November. If I tried to write full posts on those and tried to get you properly up to speed I know I'd just end up falling behind again, plus my travel journal is at home and I'm at uni. Combine that with the absolute worst memory in the world (hence why I write everything down) and you'd get a rather shoddy recount of events. So in pictures and captions, here's the highlights of those last two adventures:


The Roman Baths. So chilled out it's unreal, we spent a whole day there and with more time would have spent more.

This is a MUSICAL fountain. It played classical music and then the water 'danced' in time. Amazing.

This is from the day we went adventuring up a big hill (which perhaps has a proper name...) and had this incredible view of the whole city from the top.

We went out every night (if I remember rightly) to various different ruin bars, all with a pretty cool vibe. We also spent one night in a club, then got lost trying to walk back at 5am. Good times :P


The red light district was actually really pretty and very different to how I expected. So clean and well kept. However a tip to female travellers; if you don't want to spend every evening oggling at prostitutes, don't visit Amsterdam with 4 boys.

In a coffee shop. We spent a fair amount of time in these. And I discovered I just don't really like weed. Ironic eh?

We did the Van Gogh mile and saw lots of art because we're just cultured like that.

Recognise these chicies?? The lovely dutch girlies I met whilst doing the trek to Machu Picchu in June. So good to see them again :)

On the last day we visited the gorgeous Botanical Gardens. I also went to Anne Frank's House, which was incredible.

And to finish it off here's the boys in front of the Central Station.

...and with that, my country count is now up to 25.

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