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Saturday, 14 April 2012


Today we went to a little village called Ollantaytambo, about a 30 minute Combi ride from Urubamba and it is possibly the most beautiful place that I have ever been to. The Combi ride was an experience in itself, we nearly crashed so many times and Peruvians really need to get some road laws figured out because it's proper SCARY. Also they stuff as many people as possible into a teeeeeeeny tiny space wich has to be illegal. It was so worth it though, the village is gorgeous and it only cost 1.50 soles. (like 45p...)

^ Photo of a Moto, EVEN SCARIER than a Combi... we're building up to one of those.

^ Evie fearing for her life in the Combi. We honestly nearly died.

We went to a little cafe called The Coffee Tree where we were served by the loveliest man, who was asking us all sorts of questions about where we were from and our travels etc. My spanish is improving slowly but surely, but I am still very much stuck in the present tense. The meal was great too, a HUGE plate of tomato pasta with parmesan and I made sure I stuffed myself so I could try and go without tea. But the food is so nice here I think I'm going to find it hard to resist.

^ Real life banana pancakes!! I've been humming Jack Johnson all day.

I love the markets here, they're so colourful! I will definitely be investing in some peruvian attire near the end of the trip. It's difficult to have a look without getting harrassed by the market owners, I don't understand how why people think this sales tactic works. It just makes us run away.

Our trip to Machu Picchu is also now booked which is very exciting, we're due to leave on Thursday and come back Friday afternoon! EEEEEK I canNOT wait. I've been told it's a hard climb but I think that's just adding to my excitement. It was also a lot cheaper than we thought it would be so yay for that!

^ We also saw a real life wild cactus!! Cool huh?

Back in Urubamba we've been to visit the family that Evie stayed with last time she was here and they've very kindly offered us beds for the next few nights. How awesome is that? They've also got a volunteer staying with them from Australia, so hopefully he'll be nice lovely and we'll get to meet a few more people :)

Not too sure what else we'll get up to today, more exploring I assume! Going to some more markets in Pisaq and apparently Che Guevara loved it there, which only makes it more interesting to me.

I do love it here, I definitely would love to come back here as a volunteer and teach for a few months.

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