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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Canadian Hippies

Last night was another night from hell at yet another horrible hostel. This time Evie and I were woken up around 3am to the sound of a group of guys kicking in the doors of rooms around us and blasting out Britney Spears (weird combination I know) so most probably drunk. It was so scary. At this point we also realised that if they tried to break in we were screwed as the lock on the door was awful, there was no one of the front desk and we had no idea how to contact the police. It beat Knoxville on the scary factor. LUCKILY they didn't get to our room, but went up to the roof, where the shouting continued until about 5am. So another brilliant nights sleep for us.

Unfortunately Evie has been feeling pretty terrible for the past few days and just as we thought it was going away, she woke up feeling horrible this morning (we probably have the lack of sleep to thank for that) so after we moved our stuff to Hernan and Rene's house, I left her in bed to get some much needed sleep and went off to explore the town.

On the square I came across a small organic fayre, with little stalls and people playing music. There were SO many people with dredlocks it was amazing. They were all playing big bongo drums and dijeridoos and tamberines and had people doing cool tribal dances. I overheard a couple of them talking in english so I decided to head over to find out what was going on. After about a 30 minute conversation with a canadian guy called Danny who was so high I could hardly see his pupils, I found out very little about the fayre but now know a fair amount about his life living in the peruvian mountains 'studying' medicinal plants. He was a lovely boy, but one of those types who thinks he understands everything about the world and is into energy in the spiritual sense and thinks drinking alcohol is horrendous (note how high he was when telling me this). So don't worry Mum and Dad, I won't be running away into the mountains any time soon ;)

The rest of the afternoon has been spent chilling back at the house. We're about to head out for some food at Misky's again (I love it there!) and probably hang out with the family tonight. It's so cool to be staying in a peruvian household!! :)

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