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Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Life Plan

Not that I'm rushing into making important life decisions but I have decided that I am going to move to Knoxville, marry a man called Dustin and work in Tomatohead, making people happy by serving them the best pizza of all time. I really do love it here! I mean the area in which we are staying isn't the nicest in the world, but living up town would be lovely.

For example, there was a bit of a commotion last night in the room next door to us which meant I didn't get any sleep from around 2.30-5.00 or much after that. This consisted of a man and two women having a rather loud domestic, shouting and screaming and almost definitely having a physical fight. There was smashing glass and all sorts. Even turning my iPod up on full wouldn't drown it out properly. Next time we come travelling we need to research our hostel choices a little more, though to be honest it does seem like we're just having a lot of bad luck so far!

Despite lack of sleep we did still venture out today and when we went into the city there was some kind of health marathon on and it seemed the whole town had come out to show its support. Everyone was cheering and waving signs saying 'My pace or yours?' and 'Hydration in sexy'. I really like the sense of community spirit :) So while this was going on Aimee bought her second meal from Tomatohead whilst I had some orange and chocolate ice cream from a place called Coolato Gelato. SO tasty. We took these to the square and chilled in the sunshine, listening to a lad play his guitar and sing - he was really quite good!

Around 1 the weather started to look a little ropey so we decided to try out the american cinema experience. We watched 'Mirror Mirror' which was pretty good, but I have to say that I was a little disappointed that no one clapped at the end... I thought that's what americans did at the end of films?? The seats on the other hand were AWESOME - proper comfy and they tilted back and everything!

We did do a TINY bit of shopping in the afternoon, I managed to restrict myself to a ring and a t-shirt that says 'Keep Knoxville Scruffy' which is to do with supporting local businesses in Knoxville :) The weather decided to be a cow and rain on us just as we decided to spend some time outside, but we soldiered on and went for a wander around World's Fair Park which was lovely and went to the top of the Sunsphere (this seems to be a big tourist attraction in Knoxville but we don't really understand it's significance...) It was cool to see the whole city though, its such a pretty place!

Because Aimee is a little bit addicted we went to Tomatohead for tea again (not that I'm complaining). Aimee got the same thing for her third meal in a row - just loadsa cheese on bread and ice tea, unsweetened. She wants to go there tomorrow too before the bus. I'm a little concerned that she's gonna start getting withdrawal symptoms when we leave.

This eve we had to head back early because the last bus back was at 6.15, so we've just been chilling in the room since then really. Although I'm properly looking forward to Nashville I will be sad to leave here. Thanks again to Brian from the bus for all the awesome advice about what to do here!! The visit wouldn't have been nearly as good without your help :)

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