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Saturday, 7 April 2012

We finally got some ribs

And they were AMAZING. We went to Smokey Bones Bar and Fire Grill and had to share a meal between us because the portions were so good. I'v been craving ribs since Nashville (we couldn't get into the places that sold them there because we're not 21 ><) so that probably helped to make them extra tasty.

Apart from that all we've done today is browse the supermarket across the road and sleep. Those over night Megabus rides really seem to take it out of us. It's a shame that we're not here for longer - the hostel is really nice, has a like a mini beach and a pool and the owner is really helpful and friendly. I mean it's a proper touristy area and I wouldn't recommend spending ages here if you're not planning on doing the whole Disney World thing, but for a couple of days to just chill it'd be pretty nice.

Proper looking forward to Miami and the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACH.

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  1. Hostel with a beach and pool sounds ace, shame :(