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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Budapest Round 2

I call it round 2, as this was actually my second trip to Budapest within the last year, however I was lagging on the blogging front last time and unfortunately didn't actually write about it. So this is a convenient way to fill in what I missed out (as we did a lot of the same things as last time) and add in the extras.

On the first day I was rather exhausted, so whilst the others headed out to explore I stayed in at our hostel (Home Plus Hostel, defo recommended!) writing postcards and blogging. As I said I'd been before so I wasn't too bothered about missing a bit out. That evening we headed out to a Hungarian/Italian restaurant near the basilica, which had tasty food but the slowest service in the universe and was drastically overpriced. I'd recommend heading a little further out of the main area if you'd prefer cheap and cheerful, especially if you don't want to wait two hours just for the main course.

We spent the whole of Sunday at the baths. The others had gone out to a club called Traffic the previous night, so it made for a good hangover cure/chill out day. At only 4300 HUF (a bit less that £15) it's a great day out, with saunas and loads of different heated and chilled pools. It's the second time I've been and I'd definitely go again! I did however forget to top up my sun cream and severely burned my back... Well done Em.

(Instagram @smutimer)

Picture from last July with the lovely Lauren :)

En route back we took a detour through Heroes Square which looked beautiful in the sunshine. 

On our final day we discovered an all you can eat and drink Hungarian buffet... So naturally we spent almost the entire afternoon eating and drinking ourselves silly. I think we had five bottles of champagne between the four of us. I tried so many different dishes: venison (which was divine), duck, veal, shark (not nuts on that one) and ate so much cake I felt like a little kid who scoffed their party goody bag a little two quickly. Had someone presented me with a wacky warehouse I'd have been raring to go. I think it was called Trófea and it got TripAdvisors top place to eat last year, so it's definitely worth a look in if you fancy treating yourself.

Stumbling out the restaurant Steve decided to give his flip flops a 'funeral' by chucking them off the side of the bridge so in solidarity as good friends we all decided to wander barefoot to the park in the middle of the river. Oh champagne logic. Unfortunately the musical fountain that I visited last time was under construction...

...and we were a little bit too betrunken to rent bikes... despite the weather starting to turn we decided to lie in the rain listening to Disclosure and Taylor Swift drinking a bottle of wine we'd opened on a rock because we're just that classy.

I was supposed to be getting a train to Brasov in Romania that evening but the taxi that was supposed to pick me up cancelled at the last minute because it was spitting a bit (no exaggeration, I was so mad) so I missed my train and eventually decided to join the others going to Belgrade rather than risk being stranded. I met three English lads in the station who were lovely enough to let me share their cabin since I was too late to bunk in with the others. Although it wasn't a particularly comfortable journey or fruitful in terms of sleep, I actually quite enjoyed myself since we stayed up chatting for most of the night. It's so nice when you click with strangers :) 

The only things we missed out on this time was the trip up to the castle which gives you a fantastic view of the city...

...and the ruin bars which have an incredible vibe. But I've enjoyed this visit just as much, Budapest is definitely my favourite European city. Luckily for me, one of my besties is moving to Budapest for his year abroad, so that means this visit wasn't my last!

Now we're in Belgrade, dying from liquid cocaine induced hangovers (it's a shot, not a drug, don't worry Mum) but that's for another post! Also my head might explode if I have to concentrate on writing anymore...

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