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Thursday, 29 March 2012

We couldn't find the White House...

If you didn't get chance to check out the page on trip advisor, here is a snapshot of our night in Philly (and a handy youtube video to give you a further insight. Also our room looked NOTHING like Chucks.):

I got about 3 hours sleep, spent the majority of the night staring at the ceiling contemplating possible escape routes if someone were to break into the room and if that wasn't bad enough a mice stole my crunchy cheetos. For those of you who don't know, I am terrified of pretty much any living creature that isn't human. So I loved sharing a room with some furry friends.

I was also convinced in the morning that there was a mouse hiding in the cheetos packet (which by now had been flung to the other side of the room in an attempt to coax them away from the side of our bed and bags) so Aimee decided to implement a cunning plan of throwing bars of soap at it to try and scare the mouse away. However I was wrong, the mice were long gone. But the crisp packet had indeed been moving, due to the water dripping from the pipe above it. I should have known not to actually turn that tap on. Silly em.

The rest of the day in Philly was basically spent killing the hours until we could get out of there. I feel mean saying that, since Philly didn't really get a fair chance. Msybe I'll go back in a few years when the memories have faded a little and stay somewhere where I don't have to spend the night fearing for my life.

We visited the Liberty Bell, the National Portrait Gallery, Benjamin Franklin's Grave and then sat and played cards for a little while until it started to rain and we finally gave in and headed to the station.

I have to say that Washington DC is a complete breath of fresh air. The hostel is great (it has a Wii and everything) and the beds are clean and breakfast is included and the people are lovely and the shower isn't mouldy. So for anyone travelling in the DC area I would highly recommend the International House of United Tel.

Today we saw THE WHITE HOUSE. Well after about an hour and a half of looking for it. We walked around for AGES, saw Washington Monument and the World War 2 memorial, which were both pretty impressive until we eventually saw it in the distance. In fact, it turned out to be right where we had been looking for it, but for some STUPID reason we didn't turn to look to the right and walked straight past it... I think we may be the first people to have ever walked past the White House and not actually notice it. However once we did find it was really quite cool, but some of it was blocked off so we couldn't get too close. We hung around to see if we could get a glimpse of Obama coming in/out but admittedly that was a bit of a long shot.

After that we decided to follow signs to what we thought was a shopping mall, but apparently the word mall can also mean 'big street with lots of important buildings on it'. Who knew?

The Museum of Natural History was awesome, I got to see DINOSAUR BONES and insects and butterflies (do they count as insects?) and egyptian mummies and sea life stuff and stuffed animals (ew.) The museum was PACKED full of school kids, we reckon it must be chool trip season or something. It's so weird that they don't have to wear uniform.

On the way back to the hostel we made a brief detour to Chinatown and Urban Outfitters, before spending the rest of the afternoon browsing the local super market and watching a film. We also made tea tonight (chicken pasta if you must know and rather yummy too, if I do say so myself) and discovered that we've eaten all of our five-a-day today! Rather proud of us to be honest.

Sorry about the lack of pics, I'm far too lazy to climb three flights of stairs to get my camera lead. Maybe tomorrow if I remember!

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  1. Wow that video was so well made :) sounds like you stayed at a pretty infamous place!
    Hostel sounded great, as did the museum :) I searched it and yes butterflies are insects :)