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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Face Plant #1

We're now on the bus to Philadelphia but I managed to have a little episode as we got on. As we were power walking to try and get to the front seat of the bus I tripped over a bus stop sign and fell face first, giant backpack and all, and face planted on the ground. Somehow though nothing hurts but my right thigh, I must have done some kind of not-so-graceful twirl on my way down. So of course I looked flipping hilarious. But the weirdest part is, nobody laughed. All I got was genuine concern... Awkward! Obviously american humour is a little different to ours because once Aimee had picked me up and realised that I was ok, we both fell about laughing.

A great start to our backpacking adventures.

The journey isn't too interesting so far. We're sat behind a guy with the biggest ear plug IN THE WORLD. Ok slight exaggeration, but it's pretty impressive. But the roads are really just motorways with lots of none-descript factory type buildings and fields. Though I am pretty chuffed that we get free WiFi on the buses and power on the buses, not bad for $3 eh?

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  1. Pretty awesome buses if they have wifi!
    Ha I kinda can and mainly can't imagine you falling over with your HUGE pack... just L.O.L'ed