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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Crocs with Socks

After an early night on Wednesday, we headed out again to explore Hamburg a little more, and of course an integral part of any trip to Germany is the compulsory visit to a Croc shop. Like the true fashionistas we are, we each tried them on whilst showing off our socks and surprisingly the lady in the shop was totally cool with it... You just gotta love Germans.

I also had my first Bratwurst of the trip... 

The rest of the morning consisted of arty picture taking, book shopping and ice cream. I even managed to show off my German skills by asking a man to take a picture of us all. Except I accidentally asked him to send me a picture, rather than take one. In front of his wife and three kids...

Later on Stefan, Elle and I headed out to the harbour (my fourth trip to Hamburg and the first time I've actually visited it!) to meet some of the other guys. I have to say, although I do understand why the city is famous for the harbour as it is pretty grand and vast, it wasn't all that exciting to look at for someone who isn't really interested in cargo ships. But at least I can say I've been there now! Whilst some of the guys went on a boat tour, the rest of us decided to try out another local brewery called Block Brau and begin preparing ourselves for the pub crawl later on.

After a sobering walk home and the first of a few two many McDonald's visits of the holiday, we stocked up on some cheap beer at the local Penny store to pre-drink before heading on a bar crawl of the red light district. I haven't been on many bar crawls, usually dubbing them as 'tourist traps', but seeing as none of us had any idea where to go and it was only 12 euros, we thought we'd give it a shot. It turned out to be a lot of fun, we got into five bars for free and free shots in each one, all of the bars proving pretty decent and cheap - perfect on a student budget! It was also a great way to meet other travelers as you get to chat to other guys who are on the crawl and we even met one guy who is a second year maths student at our uni! Small world eh?

We got in rather late but somehow managed to get up on time for breakfast, check out and our bus to Berlin. I like to think I timed it all pretty well, as it meant we could all catch up on sleep on the bus rather than wasting any of our time during the day (I got the skillz).

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