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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bull's Testicles and Sun Burn

By the time we'd arrived in Vienna I'd survived two night trains in a row, had a grand total of ten hours sleep over three nights and visited eight cities in six days. Safe to say I was pretty exhausted.

As Mitch and I have already visited the city before we spent the morning at the castle with Steve and Josie, before parting ways to head to Bratislava around lunch time. We didn't really achieve much until tea time when we gorged on traditional Slovakian garlic soup (served in a bread bowl!) and the tastiest beef goulash with dumplings. I was so full I could hardly walk and we only spent like 7€ each!

Steve and Josie arrived on the last train that night, so the next morning we all went out to a lake on the recommendation of two lovely Canadian girls from our hostel. It was such a BE-A-UTIFUL day, we just lounged around in the sun and swam for six hours. Which unfortunately left Josie with a rather interesting tan...

At lunchtime we were feeling adventurous so we decided to try something new... Bull's testicle goulash. Now I expected (and kinda hoped) not to enjoy it, but it actually turned out to be really tasty! I kid you not. I actually preferred it to my bolognese. It looked different to how we expected too, which probably lessened the trauma a little.

That evening we attempted to try out the Bratislavan night life but failed somewhat miserably. We ended up drinking a little too much cheap Slovakian vodka at the hostel with a couple if Swedes we'd met and despite wandering the city streets for an hour or so didn't manage to find anywhere suitable so just retired early. Well, around 2.30am.

We're now in Budapest and about to head out to the baths for the day, I literally cannot wait! :)

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