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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer To-Do List

Every summer for a while now I've written myself a to-do list to try an encourage myself to be at least a little productive and not just simply waste the months away. I am yet to even come close to completing one of these lists, so this year I've decided to post it on here and I'll have to write a short update every so often on the end of a blog post to keep you guys up to date. This way I can review my (lack of) progress might actually get something done... It's worth a try at least!

First of all, I've picked a few things from my bucket list I'd like to tick off:

46. Learn how to say that really long welsh town name (Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch)
50. Have a big 21st
104. Do the cinnamon challenge

'That was the single worst thing I've ever had to do'. Why do I challenge myself to do these stupid things?? Though for your entertainment and proof that I actually tried it I might film myself doing it. I can already feel the regret creeping in...

Then a few I'd like to work towards:

42. Learn to speak fluently in at leats five languages

I'm obviously going to keep up my German and Spanish but I'm also going to work on one of Arabic, Danish or French, as I already have a little understanding of these. Which do you think I should go for? Also any learning tips would be greatly appreciated.

83. Watch 100 Greatest Films of all time - Watch at least 10 of these. I got my two lists (which can be found on my Bucket List page) from a friend who is the biggest film buff I've ever encountered, so I doubt there exists anything more accurate!

84. Read 100 Greatest Books of all time - Read at least 5 of these. I'm not sure which list is exactly the official one, but after reading a few this is the one I most agreed with. If you know of a better one, let me know. Though since it's rather opinion based thing, I can't guarantee I'll agree.

Then there's practical things like sorting out my files in preparation for next term, moving into my NEW FLAT in Bermondsey, buying books and sorting out things for German Society! I'm also willing to consider any other challenges you may be able to think of for me whilst on my travels... Comment/tweet to let me know! Let's see how I manage eh?!


  1. I recommend On the Road (very ad hoc to your situation) and Breakfast at Tiffany's for reads :)

    1. Thanks, ill check then out :) I've always wanted to read breakfast at tiffanys!