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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand; 99th Anniversary

(Sorry for the multiple uploads today, the Wifi has been a bit shoddy recently!)

Our exploration of Sarajevo began with a visit the Latin Bridge and the sight where Franz and Sofia Ferdinand were assassinated, which was on the 28th June 1914. 99 years ago to the day. We didn't even plan it intentionally! I found it really strange to stand in pretty much the exact spot Gavrillo Princip stood as he took aim for the shot which would shake up the entire future of Europe. I wonder if he had even an inkling of what he was about to start.

Views walking down from the hostel. A perk of being up so high. (Instagram @josiepanda)

(Instagram @mitchellckc)

The old town is gorgeous, reminiscent of Istanbul according to Steve and Josie. We walked in as a call to prayer echoed through the cobbled streets and I was able to witness my first Muslim prayer ritual. Is it bad to find the customs of a religion that is relatively alien to me fascinating? I don't mean to patronise or condescend, as I have no idea what I believe in, I just think it's interesting to see different forms and places of worship. Religious studies has always been a particular passion of mine.

For lunch we had some traditional Bosnian Ćevapčhičhi, which was delicious and after just 3€ worth I was fit to burst.

We wandered down to the memorial for the 1992-1995 war, which is a beautiful fountain in a park just next to the main high street. There was also a list of children who had died during the war, which really hit home when I noticed that many were born the same year as me, but were deprived of their privilege of life before they'd even turned three. Looking around at the young Bosnians in the street I realised that many of them must have lived through the war; some may even remember it. It's so strange to consider something like that happening in my life time but at the same time, it still very much a reality for many citizens across Middle East and Africa. Children die needlessly in war because adults act like children. We forget the important things and protect our pride and greed and honour and whatever other stupid, unnecessary, selfish tendencies we possess, rather than those innocents who are crying out for peace.

We decided to head to a shisha bar to wind down after a hardcore day of sightseeing. It was SO CHEAP I could barely believe my ears when the waiter told us the equivalent of £2.50 for one! I don't even smoke but even I was tempted at that price.

The evening was spent in true traveller/hippy fashion, dreadlocking more of my hair (I'm now up to 13 dreads!), attempting to use henna and failing because being an idiot I cut the nozzle too thick. We managed to improvise though...

I also knitted some more headbands whilst the others span around in a hammock and massaged each other. Literally Emily hippy paradise.

We got the train to Mostar this morning - early get ups are much easier when you're drunk on culture and jelly sweets. Let's see where the day takes us.

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