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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pop Tarts for breakfast? YES please.

I keep waking up really early. I don't know if this is due to the fact that I haven't quite switched my body clock to the new time zone yet OR I'm still just very excited about everything. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing though, it means I wake everyone else up WAY before they'd have got themselves up (hehehehe) and allows us to enjoy our days to the full :D

Yesterday was just as action packed as Friday! We set out around 9.30 to Times Square to head up to Central Park, but of course this took a little while with so many distractions on the way. We stopped to have a look at the shop 'Forever 21' (which is like a cross between H&M and Topshop) thinking it would be a quick look around. However over an hour later and after covering all FOUR FLOORS we finally emerged with a few purchases - I got a top for $5.99, bargain!

Then there was the Disney store which was AWESOME. Although I would hate to have the job of the woman who just stands at the door with a microphone saying 'Hello, welcome to the Disney store, have a wonderful day!' with a cheesy grin plastered from ear to ear. I think I'd go mad.

Our final detour before our day really began was the M&Ms store. Rach and Rach were (well quite literally) like two kids in a sweet shop. A quote from my sister 'Are you not like in heaven right now??' No. It was so CREEPY. A whole franchise dedicated to a type of chocolate just by shoving a face on it. That's just weiiiiiiiird. So this is where Aimee and I swiftly took our leave and organised to meet up with Rach and Rach later on :p

In contrast Central Park was amazing. On our way down we bought hot dogs from a stand like proper New Yorkers and then rented bikes for an hour and had a lovely time cycling around the park. I did get a little upset that traffic lights, road markings and the idea that a cycle lane is for bikes, NOT people having a stroll, were totally disregarded, but this was soon forgotten and it was so beautiful. Up until now I wondered how people could live in this city, but with something like that in the middle I completely understand. It'd be so easy to live here and just forget that the rest of the world exists.

After that we headed to Central Park Zoo and we got rather excited about seeing a POLAR BEAR's bum. It was asleep so that was all we could see but it was still pretty exciting :D There was also very energtic puffins, a tropical bird enclosure (which my Rach would have hated) and loads of other cool stuff.

Around 3 we headed up to meet the Rachels at the Metrolpolitan Museum of Art which again was HUGE (this seems to be a running theme with everything here) and spent a few hours looking at genuine Picasso paintings, ancient egyptian artifacts (:D) and some really nice old Japanese art (which both Rachs thought was chinese, despite the numerous signs...) If you went early enough it would be easy to spend a whole day there, we didn't get round so much of it! However by this time we were so tired and with a long walk back we though it best to start heading to the hotel.

Then came one of my personal hightlights, The Hard Rock Cafe :D :D :D The food was amazing, the music was amazing and the atmosphere was amazing. It general amazingness really. And there was cool merchandise everywhere and next to our table was a floor tom signed by Chad Smith :D Imma buy a t-shirt next time we walk past :)

Today is Statue of Liberty day (or if you're Rachel Ferris Eifel Tower day :P) so we're all rather excited about that!! I'm also gonna drag the others to the United Nations building too. Which I'm very excited about. Should be a good day :D

It's a bit rubbish but I can't upload photos through the hotels computer because there is no socket thingy to plug my camera lead in it. BOOOO. So you'll have to make do with the ones that Aimee and Ferris are uploading via their fancy phones onto Facebook for now!


  1. I am completely jealous you went to the Disney shop. I would be very happy living there... Or in Central Park, it sounds gorgeous :D

  2. its SO cool, i could have spent a lot of money there if i had no self control :P central park is AMAZING i really like it :D