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Friday, 30 March 2012

Last Day in DC

A few snaps from yesterday:

Washington DC has been a lot of fun, I've really enjoyed our stay here! Today we went for a hike through Rock Creek Park, starting around the middle then trekking right down to the National Zoo which was WELL bigger than the one in Central Park and free, which is always a plus! Rock Creek was really pretty and at the zoo we saw a REAL LIFE PANDA. It was SO cool, just chilling surrounded by bamboo it looked like it was in panda heaven.

Tim was having the time of his life in the gift shop.

We then headed back down to the National Mall and tried to find the exhibit on Julia Childs (a famous cook on whom the film we watched last night was based on - Julie and Julia) in the American History Museum but it was under renovation. BOOOOOOOOOOO.

EN route to the Lincoln Memorial we passed by the Reflection Pool (I think that's right) where Martin Luther King Jr made his famous 'I have a dream speech' and Forest Gump finds Jenny again. I'm sure that it usually looks lovely, but unfortunately it's being renovated (blooming renovations!) and just looked like a building site. I'll have to come back and see it when it's done.

I then face planted on the Lincoln Memorial (see previous post) and consequently spent the rest of the day hobbling around. Silly em. I'm glad we managed to see it though, I didn't realise it was here in Washington DC! Is it bad that I only really know of it's existence from Planet of the Apes?

We had tea at this AWESOME cafe bar thingy called 'Busboys and Poets', where everything was Fairtrade and Organic etc etc (which just added to the awesomeness). The muscles were INCREDIBLE and for dessert I had the biggest slice of chocolate cake in the world and it was amazing. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMY :D Also the taps in the bathroom were cool.

A few hours of chilling at the hostel now before our bus at 11. Knoxville is supposed to be the place where we do loads of walking in the Smokeys but the weather forecast is thunder storms and I'm limping, so I'm interested to see how that goes :P I am very excited about going to Tennessee though!!

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