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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Last day in the Big Apple

It's fair to say that yesterday was our most jam packed day so far! We were up and out by 10 in order to beat the queues to the top of the Empire State Building and the view was fantastic. So windy we all came down with that feeling you get when you've eaten too much ice cream, but totally worth it.

For some stupid reason Ferris and I then decided it would be a good idea to invest in large McDonalds meals at 11 oclock in the morning. Probably not the best plan I've ever had but it was proper tasty. The drinks machine was WELL cool, they had over 100 choices of fizzy drinks to choose from, like raspberry and strawberry flavoured Sprite and all sorts of crazy things like that. I just got normal though because I'm a wuss.

We then rolled off to do a bit of shopping and check out Macy's which I was rather looking forward to. However once we got inside we realised it was very similar to the seventh circle of hell and left rather quickly after Rach and Rach purchased so rather tasty Ben amd Jerry's treats. YUM.

Surprisingly, we got bored of shopping rather quickly and decided to check out Grand Central Station. I thought it looked oddly out of place, like someone had built it somewhere else then airlifted it into the middle of the city and plonked it where here was a space. It sure beats Preston Station though! HUGE and beautiful though. I got my picture taken next to the clock that Melmann the Giraffe gets his head stuck in in Madagascar :D

Aimee and I then tricked Rach and Rach into coming with us to the United Nations building (hehehehee) which was SO cool! Well I thought so anyway, some people just don't appreciate culture... :p As in the others were really bored so we just had to get pics and do, but at least I got to see it :D

Heading back to the hotel we came across a comic book store called 'Midtown Comics' so RACHEL (as in my sister, who always makes fun of my for being a nerd) bought some comics. Of course, I took pictures of this:

It was actually a pretty cool shop, I'm glad we came across it. It might just be because it's on the Simpsons but I felt like I was doing something proper american :P

After a few more stops we headed back to the hotel to get ready to go out for tea at Planet Hollywood. The food was SO SO SO good but there was so much that none of us could finish our meals. I accidentally ordered a sharing dessert (apparently that's how restaurants sell desserts in the USA, who knew?) which was like a massive bowl full of brownies and ice cream and general chocolatey goodness.

Our final trip of the day was to the Rockefeller Centre and went to the Top of the Rock. The view was incredible. Like truly amazing. I could have sat and stared at it for hours on end. However the awe didn't really last long as my Rach decided to tie her coat around her head like a loon and starting making strange noises (she helped me with my dessert, I think all the sugar went to her head). Which is when we decided it was probably best to head back.

We're currently sat in the lobby waiting to head off to catch our bus to Philly! I've been told it's really beautiful, properly excited to see it!!! :D

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