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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Durham, Bristol and Dublin?

It's silly o'clock in the morning but I can't sleep because my knee hurts and every time I come close to dropping off the bus driver turns the lights on and gives some announcement. I have to say though he does have the COOLEST voice I've ever heard, like a mixture between Morgan Freeman and Michael Bublé.

So far we've driven past signs for Durham, Bristol and Dublin... Which is sehr confusing when your half asleep. I think that the USA is just so big they just ran out of place names and had to borrow some of ours.

We've also been lucky enough to meet a cool guy from Knoxville called Brian, who has given us a big list of things to do whilst there, which was rather lovely! So now we've no need to worry about having nothing to do (my guide has like one page on Knoxville and the majority of that is about how it's the underwear capital of the US...?!)

I'll stop rambling now and try and think of something constructive to do with my last three hours... I should probably get some sleep but there's a guy snoring proper loud behind me... I don't know how I'm going to survive the 21 hour journey from Lima to Cusco without my iPod.

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  1. wait what, why won't you have yr iPod?!
    Lol its weird how that the first thing that strikes me!
    Brian sounds awesome but snoring does not :(