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Monday, 9 June 2014

Breakfast Beers and Gay Giraffes

We spent just three nights in Guadalajara, but could have easily made it a week. For a city that didn't get the highest recommendations or write ups, we really enjoyed our stay there! Perhaps locals don't like to recommend such a touristy city, we're not really sure.

Most of our time was spent exploring the city centre and enjoying the local cuisine i.e. Tacos and Mexican beer.

Breakfast beers!

My first real Mexican tacos, yuuummy.

There's loads of stunning, colonial architecture to see, as well as quirky street art and sculptures. It's quite the city for travellers who don't really want to spend money, as most of the things to see are free and the museums cost mere pennies to get into. 

Giant squids just outside the university.

Loved this piece of street art, I'll upload a better picture when I get my camera photos online.

Mammoth skeleton in the Museo Regional de Guadalajara!!

On our last day we decided to take a trip to the zoo, which was A-MAY-ZING. Health and safety over here really isn't like back home; basically the logic is dont be an idiot and you'll be fine. This means that you can do loads of cool stuff like go into an open monkey enclosure and have them climb all over you, or stroke a giraffe over the fence of its enclosure (which was especially cool for me as they are my favourite!!) I would definitely recommend a visit to the zoo if you are ever in Guadalajara, it's just 7 pesos (35p) on the bus and standard entry is 95 pesos (£5) and it's the biggest in Latin America!

Greg's new monkey friend trying to steal his juice.


On the last night we also stumbled upon a huge celebration in the square on our way home, which turned out to be Guadalajara Pride! We didn't really hang about because we were so exhausted from our day at the zoo, but I was really moved to see such incredible support for the gay community in a country which I was warned may not be so tolerant. It was a really beautiful scene to see all ages, sexualities and gender identities just hanging out together and having fun, without even batting an eyelid. This country grows on me more and more everyday.

We're now in Mexico City (my new home for the year!!) and staying with a friend of mine from my first year at university :D

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