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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Nashville, Tennessee

Yesterday we had to bid farewell to the lovely Knoxville and set out for Nashville. I mean I wasn't sad to leave our hotel or the surrounding area, but I will definitely be back to visit the city again.

Nashville, however, is also pretty cool. We arrived mid afternoon and the weather was SO HOT it was ridiculous, probably made worse by the fact I was wearing jeans and a massive backpack. Luckily the hostel wasn't too difficult to find and I love it here! So much better than some of the other places we've stayed. The people are so friendly and its in a nice neighbourhood and its decorated all colourfully :D

We managed to accidentally miss breakfast and lunch again, so decided to treat ourselves to a Taco Bell burrito thingy, which was alright, but unfortunately the good food bar has been set pretty high after Tomatohead pizza. I love the american system of free refills at pretty much every restaurant/fast food place you go to, we should definitely bring that in in England. Also can anybody explain the difference to me between the UK and GB? Because I had people ask me last night but I had no idea...

Downtown Nashville is so awesome, on Broadway there are SO many bars all with live country music, so we've decided we should definitely come back here when we're 21. There's loads of cool shops too, but we went to look at cowboy boots and it was like $400 for ONE pair... :O Apparently all the cowboys around here are loaded.

After a wander around town and a quick stop at the supermarket, we headed back to chill in the communal area at the hostel and watched a game of Kentucky vs Kansas college league basketball with some of the guys who live/work here. People seem to come here from all over the world, it was great to chat with people from all over the US but also from Switzerland and Thailand! We also had basketball explained to us, which should come in handy at the Heat vs Pistons game next week :p

I stayed up chatting for ages which is why I didn't blog last night, but I'm glad I did because I got to meet some really interesting and cool people. I kinda wish we were staying here longer now. Hopefully Atlanta will be as good!


  1. haha this made me laugh Emily, the UK = United Kingdom, so Ireland, Scotland, and Wales included. GB = Great Britain, so just England!


    Nearly Lou :)
    GB is England, wales and scotland, Uk included NI too :)
    sounds great about the meeting people and learning basketball!