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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

BYE BYE Aimee :´(

I´m currently ALONE, in the airport in Bogota, fearing for my life. I have completely forgotten how to speak spanish (though my understanding isn´t too bad) and everyone keeps talking at me really fast and the only thing that I recognise from home is lego (it´s all over the airport, they must really love it here). I´ve decided to hide in an internet booth to kill some time since my flight isn´t until 13.40, which is in like over 2 hours...

Our last day in Miami was lovely, apart from me dragging Aimee MILES to get some Pop Tarts - totally worth the hour and 20 minute round trip - we sunned ourselves on the beach for a couple of hours and bought more crap to take home with us. :D I bought a Miami Heat basketball top which is SO COOL. With our new purchases we also decided to take some pictures being proper americans as we felt as though we had stuck out like sore thumbs for the entirity of the trip. (see Aimee´s facebook, I think we´d blend in with the locals.)

For lunch we went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries, which was AMAZING, like the best hot dog I´ve ever had. In fact it was so good that we decided we would go back there for tea too, as well as pig out on pringles and Pop Tarts. This was partly to put off packing (the pigging out on whatever we could get our hands on) but also to end our tour in true american style.

We tried to get a couple of hours sleep before I had to catch my taxi at FOUR AM but this proved quite a challenge as the other EXTREMELY curteous hostel inhabitants decided to blast rubbish music out until it was time for us to get up. So we could get ready in peace and quiet, how lovely. So sorry if this post seems a bit irritable or whiney, I´m currently running on two hours sleep :p

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