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Friday, 13 April 2012

25 HOURS on a bus...

...but we´ve made it to Urubamba (near Cusco). Surprisingly we haven´t really done much yet as we´ve spent the majority of today and yesterday on the bus to get here, and the bus didn´t stop AT ALL. FOR 25 HOURS. AHHH.

However Urubamba is pretty cool. The area is really beautiful, it´s in a valley between snow capped mountains and it looks every bit like a imagined Peru to look like. Everything is so cheap too, I don´t know why I was so worried about money :p

Coca Cola is everywhere, I swear since Atlanta it has been following me like the plague. It´s strange that the people around here are lacking in some things that back home we´d consider basics but the big brands in clothing and food are still very prominent. I´m not sure whether this surprises me or not to be honest...

When we arrived here I was suffering rather badly from altitude sickness, but slowly it seems to be getting better (well, I haven´t thrown up my last meal just yet!) We went to get a bite to eat and a drinks from a place called Misky Somq'o, which was really cool, Evie's smoothie and strawberries and creme looked amazing (I was a whimp and got sprite and chips :p)

I think we´ll just hang out at the hostel tonight, it's been rather a long day. Hopefully my post tomorrow will be a little more exciting :)

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