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Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Pacific

I'm actually in Peru! Whoop whoop :) It's not really sinking in yet that I actually made it.

I've calmed down since yesterday, I got all worked up after we arrived because the bus company refused to change our tickets, despite the fact that one of their policies is that you can, because they forgot to reply to our email and transfer the tickets over. And somehow that's our fault, that they didn't do their jobs properly. So I let the scouser in me take over and stood and argued with this stupid man for ages. First he couldn't do it because it wasn't possible, then because his boss would be mad, then when we asked to see his boss he said he wasn't in, then we asked to see him tomorrow he said not possible because he will just tell us the same thing... In the end we got another email address and a phone number to use tonight and this morning, (of course we've demanded to use their phone and computer) so they can check why they missed our email and then MAYBE something will be done. Otherwise we have to pay again. ARGH. I would not recommend Cruz del Sur for its customer service.

This meant that Evie's had to fork out loads for taxis and a hostel (I haven't been able to change my money yet) so we're a little bit skint now too (don't worry, we're going to try and sort that today!) But on the bright side we have a lovely room mate called Esteban who took us to see the pacific ocean last night. We did get a TEENY bit lost for a few hours, but in the end it was totally worth it. It was rather overwhelming to think we were looking across at Japan and Australia... So despite a pretty rocky start to the day it ended on a high :)

Now I'm feeling in higher spirits I'm just looking forward to arriving in Cusco!! Fingers crossed we'll get this bus thing sorted today...

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