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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I'm in Miami GIRL

Miami has definitely been the right place to spend our last few days, because we can just chill out and relax, after constantly rushing around for the past three weeks.

Yesterday morning was spent at the beach, where I watched (from the safety of the ocean) Aimée getting attacked by seagulls and subsequently have a glaring contest with a father who had allowed his six year old to run around with an open tube of pringles, taunting the seagulls. VERY amusing to watch.

In the afternoon we headed to McDonalds for lunch and ordered extra drinks with our meals because it was properly roasting. We also had kids meals but still got six chicken nuggets, which to me defeats the idea of kids meals as they are practically the same size as an adults, but you get a toy. I got a really cool Green Lantern one that shoots out green disks and I intend to use it to wake Aimée up this morn :p

After pottering around the shops for a few hours, we headed back to the hostel to get ready to go out for tea. We found a road called Española Way, with loads of cute little restaurants on. We had an amazing meal of mussels and mushroom pasta (it was super yummy!).

So all in all a lovely day, even if Aimée did burn her face. :p (I also burned my chest a TINY bit but that doesn't really count).

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