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Monday, 6 May 2013

Summer Plans - FINALLY

This is it, my final plan for the summer. I've settled on travelling again, since my 21st Birthday is coming the parentals have been kind enough to pitch in a little and I'm starving for the next month or so to save every last penny I have. But it's all going to be worth it because I'm hoping to set out on another three month trip around Central and Eastern Europe, including Hideout festival along the way. Which means I've successfully combined two of original travel plans!! WHOOP WHOOP. The downside? I'll be completely skint when I get back. But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it ;)

Here's the map of where I intend to go...

You get the basic idea, though Google got a bit upset and wouldn't let me add anymore places so I couldn't add in Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Quick summary by country (cities tbc):

Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus (BIG MAYBE, the visa application form is a nightmare), Lithuania and Denmark.

From the 14th June - 14th July I will be travelling with four of my flatmates from Germany to Croatia, with Hideout festival with the Preston crew in the middle! Then I'm a lone ranger for the rest of the time (unless I meet some lovelies to travel with like in South America) and am working on an extremely flexible plan. I'm hoping to get through the whole trip however Mother dearest has offered to fly me home from wherever the money runs out; she knows me far too well ;) However I'm hoping Couchsurfing and the generally cheap cost of living in Eastern Europe will help.

If all goes to plan I'll land in Copenhagen a few days before my 21st Birthday and I intend to fly home either the day before or the day after, depending on homesickness levels. Though right now I'm finding it difficult to contain my excitement/concentrate on important things like revision.

Thanks to everyone who offered my advice on my final decision - I realise I'm being a little contradictory as I said that moving to Berlin and looking for a job was too scary in case I didn't find one and now I'm travelling alone through countries where I know nothing of the language or culture... but Carpe Diem, YOLO and all that. I'm also open to anyone joining me for part/all of my adventure. As always, the more the merrier :)

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