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Friday, 20 April 2012

Machu Picchu...

... is easily the mosat beautiful place I have ever been to. I mean WOW. It's difficult to describe how incredible it was, we spent so much time just staring in awe at our surroundings. I would recommend a visit to anyone, but I'd also say TAKE WATER, I'm still a bit upset about having to pay s/8 for one bottle.
These pictures don't do it justice.
On Wednesday it was Hernan's birthday so we got to have cake for tea, which has to be my favourite meal. Evie and I had also bought the family a cake to say thankyou for letting us stay and feeding and that seemed to go down a treat! They're such a lovely family :) I wasn't sure whether they sang happy birthday in english because we were there or whether that is the done thing here, it was rather strange. Though there was a big spanish bit tagged on the end, so perhaps the spanish wording doesn't fit the tune? I'm not sure.
Because we're the best house guests ever :D
Aftewards a small group of us headed out for the evening in Urubamba at el Point. We originally planned to go to the karaoke bar, but unfortunately that didn't happen, so we're yet to have a proper night out in Peru. However Evie and I are heading to Cusco tonight to meet everyone from Urubamba for the weekend, so I'm hoping that will more than compensate!
At el Point with Matt, Sam, Evie, Dan and Stine :)
Yesterday we went to the markets in Pisaq. As a big fan of markets anywhere I was rather excited and they were SO cool! Everything was really colourful but there was a lot more to see than at the ones in Ollantaytambo. For lunch we went to a place called Ulrikes which was ALMOST as good as Msiky's and had such an AMAZING chocolate chip cheesecake. So yummy!
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Hernan and Rene before heading to Machu Picchu :( It was so great to experience living in a peruvian household and be completely emmersed in the culture in that respect. I feel very priviledged to have had the chance to live with and meet such lovely people. I definitely intend to come back and visit in the future!

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