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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


The past couple of days have been kind of surreal, I never thought I'd spend my time in Peru hanging out in Misky's Cafe and having movie nights with the volunteers in the area. We've met so many cool people! A few of them are going travelling after they've finished their placements too, so fingers crossed we'll get to meet up with them again before we head back home. I've also been lucky enough to learn bits of Danish and Ketchwa, one of the local languages. It's been proper cool, I'm such a language geek.

I've discovered that absolutely ADORE peruvian food, I'm seriously going to miss Rene's cooking. It's mostly startchy foods and chicken, so you can't really go far wrong, but I'm so in love. We have also got really into one of the soaps called 'La Hija de Mariachi' which is SO funny, purely because we understand very little and have to guess the plot lines from the extreme OTT acting.

Today I got to go along with Sam (the other volunteer living with Hernan and Rene) to the school he's teaching at and help out in a few english classes. It was so cool to see how the peruvian school system works and get to chat to some of the kids and teachers. I was a little scared to walk in and have them all standing in lines with their hands over their hearts singing the national anthem in the playground, with a group of boys marching around with the peruvian flag. That would NOT go down well in England.

Although we haven't got up to much in Urubamba, I've really enjoyed my stay here! It's been good to have a little time to recover after the hectic three weeks in the USA, but everything is going to get a bit busier pretty soon. We're heading to Machu Picchu tomorrow night which is rather exciting, I really canNOT wait! Then back to Cusco for the weekend to meet up with the volunteers and PARTAY.

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