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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Chinese Snap, again

Since my last post all we've done very little except eaten chicken and played cards, due to sleep and food deprivation. The chicken was a little disappointing though, there was more breadcrumbs on the meat than there was meat on the bone, so you can imagine how tasty that was. There have been a fair amount of discussions about whether the EU is a country or not, I'm not exactly sure why since well, it isn't. We also got accused of not being european by some dutch guys, who were confused when we disagreed, despite the fact that England is in fact in europe...

It turns out that playing chinese snap is the best way to making new friends - everyone seems to love it! We've also been using the line about Preston had the first KFC in England to wow everyone. The people at this hostel seem pretty cool, again they're from all over the world :) We've been invited out to some 18 and over clubs tomorrow night by a group from Wisconsin, so I'm looking forward to that.

And that's about it... :D

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