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Monday, 9 April 2012

A belated Happy Easter! :)

I FINALLY got to eat the creme eggs that I've been saving at the bottom of my bag since the beginning of the trip. I'd almost forgotten how good real chocolate can be. Totally worth the wait and thank-you Mum :)

There was a little bit of drama yesterday before getting the bus to Miami, as unfortunately our taxi just didn't show up on time and when it eventually did, we had 10 minutes to complete what turned out to be a 20 minute ride to our bus. We turned up 10 minutes late and the bus was no where to be seen. I don't think I've ever panicked so much and the realisation dawned on us that we had no plan B and we were literally just stuck... However, I think we may have had a little intervention from above, as when we were about to leave to head back to the hostel, we saw the bus we needed to catch (by sheer luck!) turning in, 15 minutes late. We were both on the verge of tears. PHEW.

In utter disbelief we arrived in Miami just in time to dump our bags at the hostel and get back to watch the Miami Heat vs Detroit Pistons basketball game. It was really good fun and all those things you see in TV programmes and in films that you think they add for extra effect, actually happen. They had a kiss cam, dance cam, some giant McDonalds chips wandering around and dancing with a Big Mac and the team Mascot. There was a court side DJ and cheer leaders who did two rather provocative dances - considering children were watching! - and big screens that told you when to chant, cheer and boo in order to distract the opposing team. It was all like a big show to be honest but it meant you didn't get bored in the millions of time outs and stoppages :p Heat won 98-75(ish) which was even better, so the atmosphere leaving was great! I definitely prefer basketball to football (sorry Grandad!)

After the game we grabbed some pizza from a 'Groovey's Pizza' and just chilled in the room. We're not sure what to make of this hostel yet since we feel really young here and were greeted by someone saying 'Welcome to Sin City'. Lovely.

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