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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Coca Cola World is WEIRD.

Sorry for the two day lapse, we've just had a very lazy two days in Atlanta!

We started off Thursday by doing some washing. I never thought I would be excited about doing washing, but I'd managed to get to the point that the only clean clothes I had were the ones I was wearing. I got extra excited to discover that it only costed $2. Yay for not having to look like a tramp anymore!

In the afternoon we went to Coke World with Pieter and Brent (from Holland and Atlanta) from the hostel. It was an interesting experience, startinng off with an over-enthusiastic south american tour guide attempting to crack a series of un-funny jokes before we watched this film that is definitely designed to brainwash children. The tasting room was fun though, there were coke products from all over the world, but I wouldn't say that the whole experience was worth $16. For anyone visiting Atlanta, apparently the aquarium is amazing but we couldn't really afford $35 :/

Once back at the hostel we just played cards and chilled for the evening. Suzie from the hostel made us all hot dogs for tea which was lovely and those of us under 21/who weren't interested in going to an old lady strip club stayed in and watched Coach Carter, until the others got back and told us all sorts of weird and wonderful stories...

I also got into an interesting conversation with a few people about global development, injustice etc. Kinda cool to be inspired by people from different parts of the world and find out that you hold similar views! :)

Friday was pretty much more of the same, we played cards in the morning with some of the lads and then headed out to a real life american shopping mall with Pedro (from Brazil). I got a MASSIVE ice cream for lunch which was really yummy and managed to last about 4 hours wandering around the shops. Considering I'm not a fan shopping, I was rather impressed that I lasted so long. Plus I got some cool new converse because I'm already SICK of wearing my flipping walking boots.

Back at the hostel we played cards AGAIN (I said it was a lazy few days!) had tea and just chilled out for the evening until we had to leave for our bus at 10.30.

Even though we didn't really get up to much in Atlanta I really enjoyed it, I'd defo recommend the hostel (Woodruff Inn/Atlanta International House) and we met loads of really great people :) We also found out that Pedro is heading down to Miami when we are so we already have someone to hang out with there :)

We've not been in Orlando long but the hostel is pretty cool! It seems we've had our room upgraded for free (we now have 4 beds and a fridge) AND we got discount for it being the holidays or something. So not a bad start at all. Currently trying to convince Aimée that we should go to the magic lights parade tonight at Disney World. I don't think I'm going to succeed.

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