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Saturday, 1 February 2014

My 500 Words - What I learned

I'd like to start off by explaining why my challenge seemed to become an extremely abrupt shambles. I absolutely LOVED doing the challenge for the first 10/11 days. I wrote above an beyond what I'd intended to write but as soon as the uni term kicked back in I found it hard to balance my workload, classes and social life and find time for writing. Which is awful, I know, because writing is one of my passions.

I'm not even going to pretend that I came close to finishing my 500 words a day for a month challenge, but that doesn't mean I didn't learn anything from the 1/3 of it I did complete. I learned I write best in the morning, with a clear head and a bowl of Coco Pops. I also write best when I write about real events, people I know and topics I feel passionate about. My Ordinary Incredible series is just the part of what I wrote that I decided share on here. Above all I learned that it is important to make time to really consider all the things that those who you love have done for you. Through writing in depth about those people who have really inspired my life, my eyes were opened to all the things I often take for granted in those I care about.

I've decided, because of this, to use my Ordinary Incredibles series as one that is ongoing throughout the year, which I'll add to whenever it takes my fancy. My aim is to eventually turn this series into a publishable book, so I can share the stories of these amazing people with the world.

Although I won't continue (begin again...) writing 500 words everyday, the challenge has taught me a lot and I'm glad I gave it a half decent attempt, as it has aided my non-travel-writing side in thinking creatively about other real life events that I can write about. My writing schedule will continue as before (once a week ish) but with renewed excitement and diversity as I have discovered more about the skills I possess.

Oh and one final thing, in just over two weeks time I'll be travelling to Edinburgh for my sister's hen do and a few days after that I'll be jetting off to Hamburg and Berlin with some uni friends! Yay for those who want to read about travelling. But before that I'll be writing about a trip I took a few weeks ago in London with two friends of mine... Here's a clue:

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