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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Foodie Favourites

Of course, the amazing variety of new and exotic foreign foods you get to try is a big reason for travelling. It's one thing to try something in a themed restaurant in the UK and another to eat the real authentic stuff in the country itself. Plus last time I put my Foodie Nightmares post up someone told me I looked really uncultured and whiney, so I wanted to prove them wrong :P

Milan, Italy - Cosmopolitan Cocktail at Banco Milano

Literally the tastiest cocktail I have ever had. Unfortunately, when we tried to order it again, it just didn't taste the same. Still, we drank there a few times and their other cocktails are also pretty darn good, so I'd highly recommend it to anyone. And if you don't believe me, here's what TripAdvisor have to say about it.

Washington DC, USA - Mussels and Chocolate Cake at Busboys and Poets

I LOVE mussels. And chocolate cake for that matter. So I suppose it's not exactly difficult to please me on that front. However I'd say the food we ate at Busboys and Poets was pretty exceptional; I mean, just LOOK at that cake. I have a vivid memory of how lovely the waiter was and the general cool vibe of the place. Also the bathroom had really fancy taps.

Nice, France - Garlic Snails

An obvious venture for any tourist in France, but contrary to popular belief these things taste AMAZING. This could be, however, because they (in line with popular belief) tasted like chicken covered in garlic, which is always a win for me.

Frankfurt, Germany - Currywurst

One of my favourite things in the whole world. Usually done best at the German Christmas Markets, but to be honest you can rarely go wrong with a good Currywurst. It's cheap and cheerful too, what's not to love?

Cusco, Peru - Full English Breakfast at Jack's Cafe

After travelling around for over a month and a half and going broke more than once, meaning we had to live off the cheapest of food in some places, this was a welcome sight for sore eyes. All the pounds we'd shed in the previous weeks seemed to come flooding back all at once but I would 100% recommend it! Just make sure you order the special tomato jam that they make to go with it, it's divine.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Fried Chicken

So I was told by a lot of people that I had to try 'Soul Food' when I visited the South of the United States. As I had no idea what this was, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it included fried chicken, possibly the best food ever invented. I have to say, this stuff is the real deal, it EVEN beats KFC (and I love KFC). It was huge too, I literally couldn't move after finishing it.

Small Village on Machu Picchu Trek - Alpaca

Unfortunately I don't have a picture for this and I decided not to include a picture of a live alpaca because they're just too cute and I felt guilty. I can't deny that they taste yummy though...

Miami, Florida, USA - Hot Dog from Fiveguys

Wow, sexy pic Em. Again we went here on a recommendation and it was SO good. You choose between a burger and a hot dog, then add your own toppings and fries etc and of course they have the legendary-to-the-US unlimited refills. There are articles all over the wall comparing them to English Chippies. I suppose the chips aren't like the usual American fries, but I wouldn't say they've quite got the traditional British down. No matter though, it doesn't make this place any less awesome.

Prague, Czech Republic - Venison Curry with Dumplings

Apparently traditional to Prague/Czech Republic (correct me if I've got this wrong, we read it from the menu and my Czech is a little sketchy). Unusual combo but extremely tasty and filling.

La Paz, Bolivia - Cafe Banais

We ate here most days as we found we could trust it and the food was so damn tasty. I'd recommend the Milkshakes and the BBQ Chicken Sandwich. I know it's not exactly embracing the local culture, but by this point I just really wanted a break from street food and the stomach aches that often came with it. Everyone needs a little flavour of home once in a while eh?

Amsterdam, Holland - Bitterballen

I'm not exactly sure what's in these but they're bloody good. It's breaded on the outside with creamy ragout and beef filling and extremely moreish.

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA - Create your own pizza at Tomatohead

A recommendation made by a lovely guy we met on the Megabus who originally came from Knoxville. Now this was more Aimée's love than mine, after our first visit she made us go back another three times. Bare in mind that we were only in Knoxville for two nights. I can't deny it was super tasty though, garlic and chicken pizza = YUM.

Urubamba, Sacred Valley, Peru - Garlic Bread and Wine at Misky's

A little cafe just off the side street of Urubamba's main square where you're sure to encounter all the local volunteers hanging out over a drink or two. The wine was Chilean White and by far beats the stuff I get at home. They also do really nice smoothies and desserts...

Decided to post this, this week as the current post I'm working on is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. However I hope this one will do in the mean time. Also an update on my travel plans - I am currently applying for summer jobs and flat hunting in Berlin with a group of friends from my course. Keep your fingers crossed for us!! :)

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