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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Decisions, decisions... HELP ME

I'm currently in a major dilemma about what I should do with my summer. I've been deliberating for a few months now and have changed my mind so many times that my head is starting to hurt. So I have decided to open it up to you guys, to see if you can cure me of my ridiculous indecisiveness.

What I really want to do is get a job and a flat somewhere in Germany with some of my course mates, so I can save a little and improve my German. I've applied for quite a few positions to no avail so far, though I'm not giving up just yet. However if that falls through I need another plan in place so that I'm not stuck with absolutely nothing to do.

I have a few different options to chose from...

1. Go home to Preston, smile sweetly at my old boss and try to get my old job back, work my ass off to pay off my student overdraft and start saving for trips to Philly and Newcastle, AUSTRALIA, to visit my besties who are studying abroad for a year. However the cons are that Preston isn't terribly exciting and most of my friends will be off galavanting around the world... Plus I haven't left England since November, so I'm getting a little twitchy.

2. Stay in London and keep my job here, maybe look for an internship. I wouldn't be able to save as much as in Preston due to paying rent but it would mean I wouldn't have to faff around with getting my job back in September. Plus I'd get to experience living in London in summer without the studenty aspect which would be interesting. However I'd have to try and get my housing sitch sorted which sounds terrifying... Though I suppose I can't avoid it forever anyway.

3. Travel Europe with my flatmates. This is the provisional plan:

(NB I know Budapest is in Hungary not Bulgaria, my friend is just a silly billy)

Unfortunately I'd be missing Scandinavia and joining around 12th June. Obviously the pros are I get to travel to new places and the itinerary looks AWESOME but then I'd be very poor by the end of summer and jobless. I also have a ticket to Hideout Festival in Croatia at the end of June (fits into the plan perfectly!) so it'd be a case of selling my ticket if I couldn't go. AND that's the last chance I'd get to hang out with some of my home friends before they go away for a year.

4. Another option is to just go to Hideout festival, whilst working in Preston/London, but this raises the issue of whether they'd give me the time off to go...

Basically the question is the degree of sensibleness I should take in making my decision. Being sensible has never really appealed to me if I'm honest, life is all about taking risks and doing what makes you happy. However in this scenario, I have to consider that I can't do what makes me happy if I'm broke. SIGH at being a grown up.

Please comment/message me/slap me round the head. ANY help or advice would be greatly appreciated. In the mean time, I'm off to enjoy the London sunshine :D

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  1. Em, I say just go to Germany anyway. Its what you want to do, its plan A. Do your research, check out the job market and see where the vacancies are (Obvious I know...) but just go there anyway!! You get the best of all 3 worlds - you're not in England, you're working (even if it takes you a few weeks to get a job) and you're doing what you love.

    There is no other option :)