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Friday, 19 April 2013

Responses and Recommendations

I've received a few more related videos and articles in response to recent posts and I figure you lot may find them as interesting as I do, so I thought I'd share them with you... enjoy :)

Dierks Bentley - Lot Of Leaving Left To Do

'These old boots still got a lot of ground
They ain't covered yet
There's at least another million miles
Under these old bus treads
So if you think I'm gonnna settle down
I've got news for you
I still got a lot of leavin' left to do'

A friend sent me this song when I was feeling down about not having been able to leave the UK in so long. Very country/bluegrass and I love it. Music and travel really do seem to go hand in hand. Ooo I feel an idea for a future post coming on...

Lonely Planet - Germany Do's and Don'ts

I was sent this since I seem 'to have a slight obsession with the place'. Well observed. This article made me giggle though, pretty accurate from what I've observed. Also additional information on the Prost thing; NOT making eye contact is believed to result in seven years bad sex. Not gonna make that mistake again are you?

16 words we don't have in English

This is another response I received on twitter from the lovely @imogenchristina to my post Awesomely Untranslatable. I think the amount of words in these various videos and articles demonstrates the serious limitations the English language has. We need to get inventing more words guys!

It's still new and exciting for me to get responses to posts, so thanks to everyone who keeps sending me things!

And a few blog recommendations...

Antics Down Under

My friend Katy is currently travelling around the North and South Island of New Zealand to and from Auckland, then heading to Cairns and Sydney, Australia. So far she's become a Hobbit and taken part in a 15,000ft sky dive. Serious wanderlust related envy going on here.

Feels Like Freedom

This blog belongs to Ann-Sophie who I met on an exchange to Germany a few years back. It's all about her travels around the USA and Thailand with lots of pretty pictures to accompany it, which makes it just as accessible to all those who can't speak German.

NY to London: Chronicles of a Traveling Sista

This is my flatmate Shay's tumblr page about her time as an exchange student in London and travels around Europe. An interesting read for those both in- and outside of the UK, as it's kinda cool to see your country from a traveller's perspective :)

Dutch Man Walking

I met Pieter when in Atlanta last year, at the start of his Appalachian Trial adventures. It's now over a year since he started so I think it's a appropriate to share this again. He finished the hike in September so there's no new updates, but I don't believe this man will be without future travelling exploits. (Oh, and it's in English too, which is very considerate of him)

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