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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Happy Birthday Peter!

Day 9 of my blog challenge and seeing as it coincides with his birthday, it only seems right to write about my oldest friend who has had a huge impact on my life.

Peter, we met when we were in primary school together. Memories of that age are kinda fuzzy but I like to assume we've been friends since we were five. Up until I was eight years old, we lived about a 30 second walk around the corner from each other and were pretty much inseparable, playing out everyday, sleeping over at each others houses and getting up to all the usual kinds of mischief that little kids often get up to. I think one time we managed to eat every single meal together for about a week and were incredibly proud of this achievement.

As the years went by I moved house to a horrific five minute walk away and despite our new found distance our friendship managed to stay strong. I'd like to thank-you for being there for me through my parents break-up and the messiness of life changing almost completely at eight years old. Even though we weren't exactly the most sentimental pair, you managed to distract me with hours of constructing all sorts of wonderful contraptions out of Lego and attempting to teach me how to play Age of Empires on the computer, which I still suck at to this day. I appreciate the effort though ;)

When we got a little older I remember letting our imaginations run riot in the playground as we visited far off lands and became cowboys and adventurers and travelers, but you'd always get annoyed at me spending longer on choosing my imagery outfit rather than fighting the bad guys. Sorry about that. Oh and there was that one time when Mrs. Walsh tried to separate us in class but we'd just lean back on are chairs to talk instead, leading her to conclude that we had in fact entirely skipped the teenage stage of our lives and were instead comfortably settled as a middle aged married couple.

Double figures arrives and for some reason you stuck by me despite the ridiculous amount of phases I went through. There was the 'mosher' phase when I bought my first Greenday album and wore a pink chain because I was SUPER cool and had no qualms about joining in fights with the boys at school. Then there was the awkward chubby stage where I used to get chased home from school by a group of girls so you'd walk me home to make sure I was OK. Oh the 'emo' phase where I'd only wear black and go a tad overboard on the black eyeliner and blue lipstick. Was my mum paying you or something? I feel like I'm old enough now that we can be honest with each other on that one... No but seriously looking back I was a strange little thing.

Throughout high school we walked to school and back with each other everyday with Alex, making sure we were all up to date with the latest gossip and we'd shared all our unnecessary opinions with each other on events that were absolutely none of our business, with blue tongues from the juice of the 5p ice pops we'd always buy. We'd talk about what we'd say to all those kids who thought they were better than us if only we had the balls to and high five if we ever managed to stand up for ourselves.

I could go on and on with embarrassing memories and pictures from over the years... Drama plays and trampoline times and hanging out on the park in the rain and crawling through hedges and dying my kitchen blue with food colouring and  burning a pizza because we thought a microwave was half the heat of an oven and climbing trees and sneaking into the golf course and that awful time when Ron made us hold hands singing a love duet in that show *shudders*... The list is pretty much endless. 

But what I really want to say is thank-you for being such an ordinary incredible. For the years of being there for me, sticking up for me, saving my life multiple times; for the laughs and tears and all that other cheesy stuff. We may not see each other as much anymore but you hold a very special place in my heart and always will. I love you millions Peter, you're like the little big brother I never had. Happy Birthday you awesome human, I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope to see you sometime soon :) 

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