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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Face Plant #3

This one was slightly less epic than my others as there were very few witnesses, just the two guys who work here. I was literally just walking this time, no where special just around the hostel half asleep this morning. I managed to stub my toe on one of the floor tiles whilst falling, but managed to swiftly pick myself up again, thinking nothing of it. However once I sat down I noticed I'd sliced my big toe open and was dripping blood everywhere. Lovely.

One of the guys who works at the hostel helped me to make a makeshift plaster for it until I could get upstairs to my first aid kit (Maris Mercer, you life saver!) as he quite understandably didn't want me to get blood everywhere. It's not too bad at the moment, I just can't put it on the floor but that's not too much hassle. I'm quite impressed with myself for going so long without a fall to be honest and I could have done something so much worse. Health and safety isn't exactly South America's forte.

Heading to the beach soon to join in with some labour day celebrations. And apparently salt water is good for open wounds? I'll just have to try my best to not get sand in it.

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