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Friday, 11 May 2012


Adios Chile! And CREEPY chilean men. 'shudders' We were harrassed so many times, invited to join them in bed after having just met them and all sorts. Even pretending to be german and speak a language they didn't understand at all didn't work. It was strange because it was NOTHING like that in Peru. So girls if you're planning on travelling without a guy, be warned, the older men have 0 respect for women (the younger ones on the other hand are really respectful and polite). Evie has now invested in a fake wedding ring, as they seem to leave you alone if you already 'belong' to another man. ERGH chauvinism makes me so angry.

Since my last post we finally managed to leave Iquique (we missed our first bus and had to stay ANOTHER day... though this did save us money in the long run) We actually went on a day trip two days before we left to a oasis town called Pica, where there was a really nice lagoon to swim in. It was sooooo deserty and HOT. But really pretty. We also tried to visit a ghost town called Humberstone, but our bus was late and we missed getting in by 17 minutes. From the entrance we could still see plenty of people inside too, but the meany security guard said no :(

On arrival in San Pedro de Atacama, our last stop in Chile, we met Georgia and Steve, both brits who had started travelling together a few days before. It would seem our route for the next few weeks is exactly the same, which means we have two new travel partners! We all get on really well too, which is always a plus :)

San Pedro is a really pretty small town and the stars art night are unbelievable. The sky is so clear! There's not really much going on there though unless you want to do extreme sports, sandboarding etc. So we just stayed the one night to book our tour and freshen up after our long bus ride from Iquique.

We have just arrived in Uyuni, Bolivia after a three day tour from San Pedro, in which we saw Lagoons, Volcanoes, Flamingos, Llamas, the Salares... the list goes on! It was so incredible, I would 100% recommend it to anybody travelling in the area. I can't really describe in words how amazing the trip was and unfortunately I can't upload my pictures on this computer but hopefully I'll be able to post some in the next few days.

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