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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Jabs? CHECK.

Well I've had so many needles jabbed into my arms, that I MUST be immune to just about everything going by now. I was pleasantly surprised by how little it's costing as well. I've heard so many stories of people forking out like £500 for vaccinations but so far I've only had to pay for Yellow Fever, and £60 isn't too shabby! However if I do decide to get the Rabies jab it costs a bit more like £100, but still less than I thought :D Has anyone reading this ever been to any of these countries before and know if a Rabies immunisation is advisable?

Here's a map of the rough kinda route we're gonna be taking around South America. Just looking at it makes me excited!!


We're also hoping to do a trip into the Brazilian part of the Amazon Rainforest and to San Salvador in Argentina... EEEK!

Any recommendations of things not to miss along the way, which may not necessarily be in our travel guides? :)

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